My weekend is here and I’m buggered. Have figured it out.

I love getting up early so I can get more stuff done. Somehow I just don’t have the energy to get through the day.

On Thursday I got up at 5am. Did heaps . Drove about 200kms that day. I didn’t get to bed til after 10pm. The night before I kept on getting up so I was sleep deprived as is.
Yesterday I slept in and I didn’t nap all day.

May be my new routine should be bed at 12am getting up at 9am. That way I’ll last through the whole day. May be. 

I’m trying this new thing where you can program in your sleep time and awake time. It reminds you of when to go to bed and it pipes through music to get you up in the mornings. 

It’s a function of iPhone . Choose clock 
then choose bedtime.

I’ve popped mine in as 11pm til 7am. Let see if it will work. I used to be great with keeping my bedtime the same every night. Hubby is the one that stuffs me up 😩