I’m up and cleaning. The ensuite looked a sight. Haven’t been able to clean because of my leg. Couldn’t bend down whilst it was healing. Today I could, still feels a bit tight.

Hubby woke me up when he left for the gym at 7am. Thus no point in sleeping in.

We were up til 12am last night exercising in bed. I’m tired. 

Once the bathroom is done I can tackle the toilet and mezzanine. 

Today’s list:

Nursery to buy pressie

Signorelli to buy fruit and vegies for the week

City?? For lunch?? And walkies? 

Towels- nope haven’t caught up with my laundry at all.

Dinner -need to cook for tonight and for tomorrow

Hubby’s pharmacist is back today so he can relax a bit.

We are hoping hire a shop girl full time to help us. He’s short staffed and yet when I suggest he doesn’t listen. Anyhow at least he’s doing something about it now.

It’s always a risk taking someone new on. They could turn out to be a dud for all you know.