This was at 730am this morning. Don’t think it’s gotten any warmer.

The house was only 9C when I got down. With the heater on it’s gone up to 13C. I’m happy coffee in feeling a bit more human. 

Warming up my room so I can shower then will sort out the house.

Today’s list:

Clear out the laundry.

Ring quote guy at 9am to ask him roughly when so I can run errands.

Take tools back for hubby. He’s paranoid. He doesn’t want his power tools down here whilst the tradies are working.

Drop the hamper items off to the hospital.

Work on my policies and processes due 16/9.


That’s all for today I think.
Not sure what’s for dinner. Didn’t get around to cooking yesterday. 

May be pies? I can buy cold pies and heat them up at home. This mob have yummy pies. We always have chunky beef or burgundy pies.