Spent the afternoon shopping. I finally got around to dusting the mezzanine. It was then that I realised a roller blind should do it. 

So off I went to get them. 

Bought an off white one. The height of the mezzanine is only 1900mm high . The 2100mm wide should provide enough privacy. 

Now how do I sweet talk hubby into install it for me? 😂

On the way to do groceries I popped into Kathmandu to swap the down vest for my son. Bought online and it turned out a size too big for him. I don’t understand the sizing. Size S long sleeve fitted him whilst the vest didn’t 😩

Then went searching for my cutlery drainer. Finally found it in Merry Seasons

Very happy with them. At $2.80 each they are of very good quality and made in Japan. 

My dinner tonight . I’m am extra full. Over ate yet again 😩