My oldest took us to a new Korean place for lunch.

It’s called Don’t Tell Mama.

We had army stew. Apparently in the olden day with the war and everything food was rationed.

Someone came up with a great idea and chucked it all into a stew.

Extra ramen and also udon (not in photo)

Side dishes to go with it .

Corn and cheese to try.

Fried chicken two flavours. Original and garlic and soy. It was yum. 

Seafood and Kimchi pancake. This was also very good.

The soup looked like this after everything was mixed up. We’ve eaten quite a bit as I was too busy eating and forgot to take the photo.

I was like what the ? when it first came out. Who in the world put baked beans the can variety with tomato sauce in a stew? Frankfurts? Cheese? Ummmm canned corned beef and other stuff? 

Guess how many different food was in the stew? I have no idea but there was lots in there. 

And of course who eat chicken without a beer ?

Hubby ordered one to try.