What a morning. It’s 1214pm and I’m at the station waiting for my 1215pm train.

It should get into Southern Cross Station at 1242pm and there are buses to the airport every 10 minutes.

By the time I exit the station I should be able to catch the 1pm or the 1:10pm thus be at the airport by 1:45 or 1:55pm the latest.

Hopefully it’s only 30 minutes to the airport and not 45 minutes.

I need to grab something to eat too. I’m starving.

This morning was a nightmare. Didn’t start painting til 10am and not only that the plaster wasn’t ready to be sanded back. I had to replaster it this morning.

Once I painted it I had to go to the bank to withdraw money to pay. Luckily I got back just before 11am as they were already there ready to go.

Thank goodness it didn’t take them long as I still had to wet wipe all the room down , strip the bed and make it for hubby.

That’s my blinds. Not used to the pattern as yet. It’s like having wall paper in the room.

One good thing it’s made the room looked a bit bigger.

Came down to say good bye to hubby. He was like what’s all the racket up there? I laughed it off. Don’t worry about it. It’s all done 😂