If there’s such a word. I’m full as. Ate a regular bowl of Pho. Silly me thought they came as a regular and large so ordered a regular . They came as a regular and a small 😩

I’m sitting at my favourite spot.

Watching the world go by. It’s wet and cold.

No yoghurt today craving cupcake.

Have just rang the tree surfing place to change the time as I’ve double booked. Got to sit in at the interviews for new vollies. Don’t think I can get out til after 11am. The last interview is at 1015am. 

The tree surfing place is an hour drive from our place. The interviews are in the CBD. 

So as long as I can get home by 1130am-12pm we should be fine. The girls can sleep in have brunch and then off we go. 

The session doesn’t start til 2pm but we need to be there by 130pm for the briefing.

Have also sent the waiver form to the student so her parents can fill it out.

At least that bit is done. Now I’m heading off to grab a bottle of water. Got another hour to waste. 

My walkies buddy wants to go walkies but he’s stuck in a conference and haven’t heard from him so he must be really stuck 😂 

Oh well next week it will have to be.