The place.

My dinner last night. Cooked it for tonight but we ended up eating it.

Pasta bake with capsicum, mushroom, mixed beans, jalapeño , 3 types cheese, bacon, smoked salmon and pasta sauce.

It got a bit burnt as I was too busy on my phone 😂

My bags have arrived at last. Now I can start displaying mum’s jewellery.

Took all morning to figure out Office365 and how to get the app on my phone. All good now and I’ve finished setting up for the new role.

It’s easy with the smart phone. No need to lug my laptop anywhere.

Position is not too bad just have to be organised.

Anyhow that’s a load off my mind.

List for today:

Ring plumber

Laundry-got another load to do.

Groceries-can leave til tomorrow. 


And whatever else. 

Not sure if I’ll have time to go shopping for the wedding pressie. May be tomorrow ?