Can’t find a naughty post so guess I’ll have to write one. All for a guy with a dog called Levi 😂

Don’t know if I should write this because I’m supposed to be good. And yet there’s temptation everywhere I look.All of the sudden all of my men contacted me. 

I’ve had bad luck with my phone lately. Lost one, one crashed the latest episode I cracked my screen needing it fixed. Every time it happens I lose all of my contacts. Bugger it. What is the universe try to tell me? Give up being naughty ? 

And yet my men still managed to find me. What a cracker. Does it mean that I was and will always be naughty? That imprint on my head? Would it fade with the years?

Let see, there’s that Italian stud that’s miles younger than me. He’s full of hair and beard and an earring looped through his nostril.

Last time I saw him years ago he had his hair long. It looks shorter now. Anyhow he’s been asking for a meet. 

What’s stopping me? He lives about half an hour drive from me but in an area where there’s hardly any parking so I’m not keen.

What’s tempting me? That young thing. So full of life. So full of energy . Thinking back we did it 4 times that night. Don’t know if I’ve got the energy 😂 he was only 26 when I met him. He must be about 29-30? now ?

Then there’s Jungle boy up in Sydney. I had good intentions when I booked to go up to Sydney. Was happy enough to just go wandering then to dinner with my colleagues. I tend to bump into someone from my work there or from places I’ve worked at before.

Jungle boy? Let me describe him. He’s very big built. I only am as tall as his underarm?

And hair . He’s full of hair. A boofy head of hair cute cute eyes. 

He’s just plain cute and anal sex with him is wow wow wow. He knows how to do it properly. I’d be buggered that’s for sure. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

The thing is he can carry a conversation. It’s not just the sex. 

And then there’s my Swede. I call him my Swede as I only know one Swede. An ex soccer player for Sweden. He’s small built but cute as . No hair on his head. Sexy as hell with rings on his finger. He’s also about half an hour away living in the same area as the Italian stud. He’s in between girl friends at the moment thus he thought of me. We’re friends on FB.

I’m still undecided about a new guy. He’s an islander. He’s been asking but we’re both busy and nowhere to go so there’s no point. 
The thing is when we met for coffee he gave me a kiss and I could feel something there. He’s a great kisser. 

So should I or shouldn’t I? We will see. Not sure how good a lover he is and not sure I want to take the risk. Plus he’s not the type I usually go for. 

Last but not least is my walking buddy. He’s been hinting he wants more. I’m hesitant as don’t want to lose my walking buddy. 

And before I forget there’s a colleague I met a few years back. It just happened we went to college together. He was with the cool crowd. The rowdy one. I usually sat in front and he usually sat at the back. 

He lives about a 45 minutes drive from me. He’s a big temptation. He got lots of energy and he kisses and cuddles like he means it. He makes me come. The thing is he works and the only day he gets off is the Monday and sometimes I can’t make it. Plus the long drive is a put off. 

There you go. All of my naughtiness for now. Lots of guys have my number. Just waiting for them to crawl out of the woodwork 😂 not really I’m trying to be good remember ? 😂

I told someone that and his reply was you’re either good or bad. There’s no trying 😂