I’m back to having unfilled shifts. I can’t fill them and I don’t blame the volunteers for not putting their hands up.

We all volunteer for different reasons. To fill our days. To learn new skills. To contribute to society. To feel good about who we are . 

I know I don’t mind vision impaired clients . They can’t see but they still can hear you. You’re only acting as their eyes. 

Deaf and blind clients are a challenge as they can neither see or hear. 

The ones with crooked knees and legs I can deal with as well. They can still walk just slower and shorter distances.

Same as the ones who can’t speak English. It means no one to chat to at the appointment.

It’s the ones with medical problems that is beyond me.

Next week I’ve got 9 shifts and I don’t think I’ll be able to fill them. Case of don’t think anyone will take them on. It’s unfair for the volunteers to expect them to take on so much.

We are supposed to be companions. The clients need to be mobile and independent. We are not nurses or health professionals.

Yes we are first aid trained..still. 

Will stick it out . If no one offers I’ll have to handball it back to the coordinator to decline or try to find someone.