Guess they didn’t see it coming. First the chief resigned to go elsewhere then now his second and third in charge have resigned too.

Guess we didn’t see it coming either. It might have dire consequences for us. We might lose our nursing home contract. 

With that our lifestyle and things that’s considered the norm. 

Changes are scary and in this instance more scarier than ever. It’s not just us that’s dependent . We’ve got our staff to look after as well.

No one wants to go to their staff and say sorry I have to make you redundant. I have no work for you. 

We’ve had this nursing home contract for a long time. We get on well with the management. A great team to work with. 

The new chief must have clashed with his second and third in charge as they’ve both handed in their resignation at the same time.

That takes guts as both of them are in their 50s . Chances of employment gets harder as one ages.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the unfolding saga. Wonders if we can weather this storm?

We’ve been very complacent in watching our back. We should have done more. We should have moved our eggs into baskets rather than leaving them all bunched up in one.