The heater is on. Toast in my belly. Coffee half gone. Just checked the scores my team won 😍 by 7 points. That was too close for comfort. 

With Aussies rules if you kick in between the centre posts it’s 6 points and between the outer posts it’s only 1 point. They marginally got through.

Doesn’t seem like I’ve got much done lately . Walkies buddy is in the city today. He asked me if I wanted to go walkies . Not really since it’s Sunday. Family day. Unless I sneak out for a few hours and come back for lunch. They are all still in bed.

Too much hassles though because then hubby will be wondering why? I must be misbehaving and I’m not.

Tuesday looks good. I might drive down to my hidey hole to sort out stuff down there and go for a walk. 

I miss it but have been too unwell and busy to go down for a visit.

Today’s list:

Sort out my happy men. Still can’t decide what to do with them. 

Not sure if I need all this ? A bit expensive. I can’t remember how the nursery displayed them. 

Sort out my deck. Look at the mess. Hubby has been too busy working and studying and the kids well they wouldn’t care less. So it leaves me.

We are thinking of going overseas next year. Hubby wants to go visit his mum. Our oldest wanted to go with her friend to Thailand. She was invited by the dad. 

Anyhow they’ve known each other since kinder. Her mum is in my mum’s group may be we could tag along as a family . 

They are from Thailand so would know where to go plus it saves my daughter booking an extra room. 

They’ve travelled a lot. We should get on well as from the look of it they don’t stuff around. The mum is a nurse. 

Work on my interview tips. I’ve pulled a mock position from Seek and dissected it. Now it’s really putting everything together in order. Organise my thoughts. It will be nice to go back to my old school. Give back to the school. Not in money but in time and experience.