He’s such a cheat. He’s down to 0.3 jig a jig. The other night he was looking at my boobs and asked me is it a freebie ? 

To which I was feeling generous and said yes. Anyhow it turned out it’s nothing to do with my boobs.

He tricked me into a free jig a jig 😩 so now it’s 1.3 jig a jig. I’m not falling for that again. And no more freebies. 

He charges me 0.1 of a jig a jig every time I hump his leg so I guess it’s fair to charge back 0.1 for him fondling my breasts 😂

He also charges me for cuddling too. 

It’s like every chance he gets he charges me. Taking me to lunch and dinner is one whole jig a jig😩 lucky for him I love food. Been bargaining it down to only 0.5 if it’s a crappy lunch 😂