My breakkie . Left overs from last night.

Made char siu again last night. I made 1.5 the usual amount. 

We’ve decided to go overseas next January in the school holidays instead of joining our oldest’ friend family. They are going in the school term nearer to the Lunar New Year.

With us January is pretty dead thus better to go then. Too disruptive otherwise. 

Hubby wanted to go visit his mum in VN. The kids and I prefer not to which means two routes for the five of us. 

Hubby will go to VN for 10 days meeting us in Thailand. We will go a few days later to Singapore then will make our way to Thailand on the same day as hubby.

Have found flights which will get us to Thailand roughly 5 minutes apart. Also found flights home so we all go as a family home. 

Made hubby stop over instead of going direct. As the only flights to Singapore that’s decent is Singapore airline. I’m not taking a discount airline longhaul. Our other option was Jetstar, Southern China airlines or AirAsia.

As for hubby it was either Thai airways all the way or for the same amount he could go Singapore airline for the longhaul and using a different carrier from Viet Nam to Thailand. 

The thing is I went into it to secure our flights to find our credit card was declined. We’ve gone over again.

Have paid for hubby since his is a different route.

Fingers crossed our flights are still there when the card clears 😩

Today’s list:



Pre-reading still haven’t started

Work -I need to be a bit ahead as I’m away next week. 

Volunteer is under control. Hubby is happy he got his jig a jig.