Yet again . If it wasn’t for this photo I’d still be at the blasted car park trying to find my car.

I parked to the back left looking at the shelter. When I got down from the bus I headed left, not right.

I looked and looked and saw the guy sitting in my row looking too. He asked me if I knew where F was. Told him I had no idea. 

The stupid car park shelters are not in order. Can you believe G came before H? And the shelters all designated different parts of the car park 😩

Good luck trying to find your way out unless you follow the courtesy bus out.

A and B are easy as they are near the exit. Problem was I drove around for quite awhile before I could find a park that’s why I was stuck all the way in H.

Anyhow from now on I’m using the phone to take a photo of the shelter from the car. That way I can find my way back to it 😩