My dad dropped in. Luckily I made double the amount of noodles today. He gave it the thumb up. The only thing was he wanted them cut and rolled thinner. 

Flour combination for the noodles:

1.25 cup of rice flour

1 cup of glutinous rice flour

0.75 cup of tapioca flour

1 cup of boiling water

I’ve spent my day researching again. We are going to watch a cabaret. I’ve chosen Playhouse Magic Cabaret. Hubby is homophobic. He wasn’t impressed 😂 Told him whilst in Thailand got to go see the ladyboys 😂

I feel like I’m getting somewhere today. Have booked the farm experience for Sukhothai and a bicycle tour too. It’s going to be the cheapest leg of our trip. $500 for accommodation. $40/pp for each activity with lunch included.

Have also found a car and driver. Took me the whole day to find him. His business is only new but he sounded nice.

He’s also on FB thus easy to catch. He’s quoted me 300 baht per hour or 1800 baht for 8 hours. 

That’s a load off my mind. We don’t have to drive. Here is hoping his car is big enough to house all of us.

I just have to get back to him which day I’d need him.

At the moment it looks like the weekend. I want to go to the market and then on to the floating restaurant for dinner.

I also want to do a cooking course whilst in Thailand. Not sure if in Phuket or Bangkok.

The only tour I want to book in Phuket is with this mob. They sound quite good.

Their hong by starlight is reasonable . Their overnight costs too much😊

I’ve also had a look at the floating accommodation. Have thought about it. The traditional one costs 2500baht ($100AUD) but then it’s like no shower, shared toilets and they recommended torches for in the middle of the night trips 😂

The superior rooms were a bit more expensive $800 as well as $100 taxi to get there and $100 back.

After weighing up the pros and cons I have decided against it. 

Pros : an experience for our kids 

Cons: I’m fearful of shared toilets and mossies nets ($500 version) 

The $1000 version is a bit better though that’s like two nights at a luxury hotel for us. 

Don’t think I want to swap two nights at a luxury hotel for a night of camping 😊

Have emailed the tour group for a quote for our airport pick up. 

Now I’m looking at dinner cruise tours. 

Two hours cruising and food for 2300 baht ($92AUD) each.

This one looks much fancier . Champagne and nice food for $3250 baht ($130AUD) each 

* I’ve been dividing the baht by 25 to get the AUD so it’s easy.