This afternoon I spent an hour talking to my bestie. Have known her since high school. 

She now lives on the Gold Coast in a place called Broadbeach waters. Of course this time like the other times she told me straight I should get my act together and come up and visit her.

Guess I’ll go up next year then. I’m a bad bad friend. I don’t tend to keep in touch much. I try to but the days just fly by. Been meaning to ring her and didn’t get around til today.

Thought she was coming back for the wedding on Saturday. She’s not. Apparently she’s got 3 weddings this year and because it’s too disruptive for her son with his VCE she’s sitting tight. 

We are opposites her and me . She’s calm and stable. I’m flighty and erratic. When we were younger she told me she wished she had my life. She thought me taking stupid risks was exciting.
I actually got into a stranger’s car one night as he told me he can drive me home from Springvale station since my parent’s house was on his way home in Dandenong. We were living near Dandenong then. 

Anyhow I thought okie. Got into the car and he kept on wanting to take me to his place. It was only then that alarm bells rang and in the end after much persuasion he dropped me off at my parents’ after I told him he can drop by to see me 😂

The next day she asked me why I got into his car? I told her well saves me walking from the train station at 9pm to their place which wasn’t very far . Still , it meant I had to go up and over the over pass and walk a bit. Either that or cross the train lines and climb over the fence 😂 and then cross the road 😂 I couldn’t jump the fence that night as I had my guitar with me . 

Plus back then I was a bit naive . In my mind I had categorised musos as safe people to be around. And he was a muso. He also knew the sister of a guy that was in my Vietnamese class. So I figured he was safe 😂 even though I only just met him that night on the train and for all I know he could have been an axe murderer 😂

* Photo from the internet. 

My parents’ old house was around the top and centre of the photo. Past the carpark a little bit.