The days tend to blend into one lately. Every day for the last few days I’ve woken up disorientated asking hubby what day it is. 

Today I was real mixed up thinking it’s still Wednesday. Jeez I’d better keep my mind busy or else I might end up like my grandma with dementia and shipped off to the nursing home.

What did I achieve today? Not much. Not much at all.

Cooked dinner 

And even then I didn’t get it right. First my pasta tasted woody so off it went into the bin.

So then what was I going to do with the already chopped up Spam ham and garlic?

I made Kimchi fried rice, my oldest’s signature dish.

I thought I did okie. Nope not according to my family. Mum you didn’t get the proportions right 😩 so then had to go defrost some more corn to go in it. Then hubby demanded more Kimchi to add to his bowl 😩

This is what happens when I nap. The groceries didn’t get done. Was going to head into Box Hill to get another pair of pants shortened for hubby. Send away a card to thank the Japanese student’s mum for the pressie.

One good thing I do not need to apply for a visa for Thailand. I can get one at the airport though reading about Thailand kind of freaked me out.

I’m not one to like to travel to crowded places. I like somewhere I can relax. Wander around and take photos. I’m kind of dreading Thailand. 

If I didn’t love Thai food so much you’d never find me there. 

As for our trip, visa application has been sent away for hubby. Transfers for Phuket done. 

I still need to research for activities and work out how to get to them. We tend to use public transport a lot when we travel. It’s a fun thing to do getting lost..not.


Hubby have decided he wants to go watch Thai boxing. Apparently this is where you go to watch. I’ve left myself a reminder to book in November/December.

Cooking class I don’t think I can book as yet either as they change their menu from day to day.


Still need to decide to join a tour or go by ourselves. I want to go see this one as well as the train market.

Lively from 6-8pm. Friday night here we come. 


Koh Panyi:

Looks like we might have to hire a car and drive to Surakul pier to catch the long boat.

Khao Sok Lake:
We might have to join a tour.


Have decided after researching . Surin Islands are further away thus less crowded. There’s also a fishing village there that we can have a peek.
I’m hoping to hire a car and driver for our day in Phuket Town. 

My 7 days in Phuket is chockers now.

1/ check in hotel (evening) 

2/ Surin Island

3/ Khao Sok Lake 

4/ hire car and driver and explore in the morning ie. turtles, falls, tsunami museum etc then transfer to Bang Tao . Afternoon free.

5/ John Gray sea canoe trip 

6/ Phuket Old Town 

7/ Koh Panyi