My Jim is a wanderer. He’s borned a James but no one calls him James. He’s only James when he’s naughty. He’s not a Jimmy either but a Jim.

Jim is the type that doesn’t follow routine or nothing. He does whatever takes his fancy. If he felt like going to the beach he goes. Stuff work. Eventhough the beach is 100km away. 

So when he told me we are going to the falls I was like okie.

It’s a reserve with outcrop of rocks

*photos from the internet.

We hiked to the falls. Jim helped me down . I only learnt later that he had a bad leg from a motorbike accident. The rod’s still in there and has been for more than a decade. He never got it taken out.

The boulders, the tracks 

The dares and the daring

The smooth skin, the rock

The moans, the squirts

The hunger, the sandwiches 

The fun, the forbidden 

I squirted that day. I haven’t squirted since. 

It was a cold day. We had the Falls to ourselves.