That now can I?

Miss a day of posting.

Did heaps today hence why this post is so late.

Emailed away my RSVP for the morning tea. 

Took the wedding stuff over to next door to be dry clean.

Groceries shopped , cooked dinner

One pot wonder. Stir fried vegies with scallops.

Went to Kmart, IKEA trying to find a board to make a photo board for my oldest for her 21st. I think I know what I want now.

Caught up on my laundry. 

Caught up on my dishes.

Work is under control and so is volunteering. 

Thought I’d be naughty for a change. Being a goodie doesn’t suit me 😂

So here goes. Hot off the iPhone. Just took it tonight. One of my girls peeping out 😂