What a crappy day.

Took me all day to figure out I needed to staple on a hard surface not on my rug. 

Will have to attach blings blings on later. I’ve got mini pegs to peg the photos and blurbs. 

Gave up and went to lunch about 1pm. They gave me too much meat so ended up asking for a take away container to bring most of it back. 

Was going to cheer me up and make spring rolls. In this mood it might not be spring rolls but crappy rolls.

It’s now near 5pm and haven’t started on dinner as yet.
Volunteering is all over the place. I can’t pull out volunteers from a hat. 

I’ve got a shift for tomorrow that was booked last week and no one emailed it through to us 😩 

Then another for Friday 😩

Will have to transfer that one back to my coordinator. I can’t do both. Well I can but it means I’ll be behind with work again.