Tomorrow looks like another long day. 

I’ve got interviews again til 12:45pm. Which means another 5:30am start. Then I’ll just grab lunch and hurry off to meet my client.

We couldn’t find a volunteer for them as tomorrow is extra busy so the coordinator and I are playing tag team.

She’s to drop them off as she’s got a meeting at 1:30pm and I’m to pick them up at 1:15pm to give her time to get back to attend the meeting. 

My clients never cease to amaze me. Some are blind and they are that mobile and independent that it’s like how do you cope? How do you get things done?

Not only that they study online and they travel or go wandering. 
Tomorrow I’m taking one wandering. They are blind and they would like to visit the library and Costco.

Yes you’ve got it Costco 😂 they’ve never been and would like to go.

The thing is even when their sight is not there they can still experience stuff. They can still hear, feel and smell. And since the other senses are heightened they still can enjoy the experience.

So there you go. They sounded like a chatty person on the phone which means I’ll be in good company for the wander.  

Now to shower and see if hubby wants a lunch date. If not I might get my kids out of bed and might head into the city for lunch. Looks like a glorious day out.