I have a husband with needs . The thing is I don’t know how to solve this dilemma.

Like this morning he’s like I want to. Okie I suppose it’s my fault. We should have been at it days ago. I know he can’t go that long without letting his volcano explode 😂 

It’s not like I’m keeping it from him. He’s been studying and by the time he gets to bed it’s midnight and I’m already snoring away.

As for me I only get the urge when I’m excited 😂 like seeing a cute guy with a nice pair of buns or watching porn 😂 or read something naughty like those erotica poems . They make me wet.

So this morning he was at it. I was annoyed to say the least. The 530am starts were getting to me. I wanted to sleep.

Of course I pretended to. Me lying there closing my eyes letting him fiddle away.

As soon as he tried to force it in I reminded him about the lub. Then back I went to closing my eyes and well what happened happened.

He tends to just pump until I’m ready. Then I climb on him and grind until I come. Once I do he turns me over on all fours until he comes. He usually fondle my boobs as he explode into me. 

I was thinking after 27 years our sex life has reduced to this? 

I mean there was a time when I was jumping all over him. I even wrote in my diary how into him I was. 

And that is it. I miss really kissing someone. Really hard passionate sex. Guess I miss Mr Apothecary and Mr Chef. Gosh thinking about it makes me wet. Oh my oh my.

Will write about them one day.