This is the second time I’ve made this. It was a bit too sweet last time and not enough mango. I’ve altered the recipe and simplified the method.

Mango pudding

Makes 16 ramekins

750g frozen mango 

450g boiling water

27g gelatine powder

180g caster sugar 

150g milk 

150g thickened cream

300g water (for blitzing the mango) 

1/ Dissolve the sugar and gelatine in a bowl with the boiling water. I would dissolve the gelatine first then add the sugar or else the water cools down too much and the gelatine clumps.
***always add gelatine to water not the other way around. 

2/ Use the cream , milk and water to blitz the mango in one of those bullet thingy. 

3/ Add the mango mixture to the gelatine mixture. Stir as you add.

4/ Spoon the mixture into ramekins and chill in the fridge for a few hours to set. 

It’s nice by itself or with the milk. I didn’t bother with the milk last time.

The milk to drizzle on top:

3/4 cup of condensed milk and make it up to 500ml with hot water.