I abhor commitment and routine yet without them both I’d flounder like a dying fish. I need them both in my life to balance out my no regard for rules and direction.

Lately I’ve settled into my routine of having breakfast whilst sorting out my volunteering stuff. That way it’s done for the day though it doesn’t mean anything since the shifts come ad hoc and thank goodness for my smart phone or else nothing would be done. When people contact me it’s urgent like they can’t find a missing client or they’ve got a last minute shift to email out.

Then once breakfast is done it’s on to chores that needs doing. This mostly consists of making my bed, doing the laundry and dishes. The minimum is spent on housekeeping. Why clean when you can use that time wandering?

I’ve been trying to spend one day at home and one day out alternating between the two. That way the day spent at home means I can concentrate more on housework, paperwork, work and figuring out where to go for the day spent out. It’s not working too good at the moment. I find when I am at home I can’t focus too good with too many things jumping at me. I see all the things that needs doing. Which ultimately means nothing much get done. Guess I’d better start making lists again.

Other than that 8 months on I’m doing okie at home. I haven’t drifted back into the pit of despair and well with the weather getting warmer it means I can go wandering more which I love.

Not sure what is different this time around? Is it because of volunteering and all the problem solving keeping me occupied and content? Or is it because I know what I want and not letting anything else get in my way? Either way it’s a good place to be in.