IMG_6724.JPGAfter dropping my clients off I went searching for my breakfast.

If you see Melbournians sauntering into non-descript lanes just follow them 😂 We know where we are going and it’s to a good coffee or food place😂

I was a bit dubious walking through Sutherland St to get to Guildford Lane. What a pleasant surprise when I got there. Photos below are from Guildford lane.



Chilli eggs from Rustica. A bit salty. I think I won’t be back for breakfast but will be back for their pastries.


donut with chocolate inside and a vanilla cronut that’s yummy as.

Will try Krimper next time.

Today’s outing. Discovered two new lanes. Breakfast was a disappointment. Coffee was great from Brewer’s Place (Goldsborough Lane).