My Slap Ya Mama pack should be coming today. I bought a whole pack. Well didn’t want to pay $9 for postage so might as well get a big combo 😂 they charge $9 either way.

Here is hoping the whole family like Cajun food. Hubby was whinging so bad when I made him try that chilli sauce. He was like yuck. He wasn’t used to the spices. Nepalese chilli sauce is different to Asian chilli sauce. I might have to cook a curry or something and disguise it in the gravy 😂

Anyhow have warned the whole family I’m going to try out Cajun food. Some days you’d think I’m making them eat offals or something. 

I may not be the most adventurous person around but I do love my food and trying out new stuff.

Now I have to go source some crab meat. Will have to do that tomorrow. Either to Queen Vic market or my fish monger as both are closed today. I’ve tried sourcing it on the internet and they only wholesale. The crab mobs are in QLD. How crabby is that 😂

Guess I’d better go get change and out of here. Two interviews starting at 11am in the city .I’m happy we are getting more volunteers. It makes my job that much easier.

The kiddies are going back to school today. I’m not ready . Told them they might have to go buy lunch. 

Forgot about my son’s birthday. Need to go order him a cake and book a restaurant. Looks like Peking duck it is. 

The restaurant is only good for ducks. They serve their ducks in three courses. Wrapped, stir fried with bean shoots and soup. Two ducks is plenty for the five of us.