I must have looked a sight 😂 Was running late so I hitched up my little black dress and power walked to the station.

And since they are building a new supermarket near the station I had to walk past the tradies. Could tell they were looking at me with a smile on their face.

No stockings , flat shoes and a dress hitched to my panties. 

I’m off to government house this morning and running awfully late. I need to get to Flinders by 9am to catch a tram down to the house.

Was going to bring my camera but decided against it as not sure if we are allowed in with back packs. 

They have security at the gates even before you get to the house. At least I remembered my invite. 

I couldn’t change trains at Richmond as the next direct takes the same time to get to Flinders so will have to go through the City Loop. 

Fingers crossed I’ll get there in time to find my group. 

I get to meet the governor today not just her husband like last time.