I love my big baby. It’s been with me for the last 14 years. As old as my youngest. We traded in our Landcruiser for this car since the 4WD couldn’t take 3 baby seats. 

Anyhow it’s done over 240,000km and it’s still going.

Hubby kind of asked if I wanted a new car since all my sisters are driving a new car.

The thing is I don’t want a new car. I love my car. I can take it anywhere even off road and I still feel safe in it. It’s very reliable. Only broken down once because my starter engine went. 

It’s very comfortable, the seats,  and being a 3L V6 I can turn the double AC on and it still zoom. 

The car is pretty disgusting as I haven’t had time to give it a once over . Well I do I just can’t be bothered.

It’s good having an old car as I can park it anywhere without worrying about people scratching or denting my car. 

Plus hubby tends to look for scratches and dents. Can you imagine me with a new car? I’d never hear the end of it. 

Here is hoping it gets to 300,000km and beyond.