The pasta bake turned out yummy as.

What went in it? Lots of stuff.

Corn, mixed beans, jalapeño , salami, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, capsicum , smoked salmon, pasta and pasta sauce.

I didn’t mix the bacon or salmon or salami through. Next time I’ll have to put more in.

We spent last night at the school. Lucky I got dinner finished in time. Forgot all about it. The Valedictory started at 7:30pm.

It’s our son’s last day at school. He’s got a few weeks off to cram for his VCE exams. 

I was telling hubby the last 6 years went fast. We didn’t have to attend any functions for him because well unlike the girls he never participated in anything except for baseball and that was just this year.

I have only been to his school 2-3 times the most? 

Where as the girls participated in student council , band, choir, orchestra, house activities. You name it they were in it.

It means we still have lots of concerts to sit through for the youngest 😩 My butt might have to put up a revolution. It can’t stand the hard plastic seats that we parents have to sit on for like 2-3 hours in the one go. 

Told hubby next time I’ll have to BYO my own seat cushion 😂

**Photo from the internet