Was craving bacon yesterday so took the train to go buy some. All I could think of is bacon and eggs for breakkie.

This morning? My tastebuds have gone funny. They wanted more paella. 

Took me all day yesterday to make paella. It’s worth it though 😍

Plans for today was supposed to wake up early to go work at the business so I can have the day free to go walkies.

Well guess what? Alarm went off at 6am and I couldn’t get up. It’s now 8:13am and just sitting down to breakkie. There goes being organised.

I popped a baklava in my mouth last night so I need walkies. Can’t see any weight falling off me. My BMI sits around 21-22 I want it down to around 20-21. I want to lose weight and be under 50kg. Have done it before so hopefully I can do it again.

This morning I’ll have to sort out volunteering then head in to work for a few hours. After that go walkies. 

Was hopeful to prep dinner this morning. Fat chance of that 😩 Already feeling overwhelmed. 

Hubby is at it again. He caught me chatting and so he’s been climbing all over me. His theory is that if he f me all the time I don’t have the energy to go get it elsewhere 😩 

This morning he was sulking saying I only like white ones and he can’t turn me on anymore. The thing is I do want to be turned on by him. It’s just he’s so clumsy and as soon as he inflicts pain that’s it I get all anxious and freeze up. 

Anyhow not sure how to fix this problem. Funny how I can fix other people’s problem and not my own 😩