He wants it badly. 

My lunch . Garlic ramen.

My drink.

This was what was in it. My oh my I really wanted to go to bed after that one. It was really yummy and made me nice and relaxed.

He was like may be we should forget about the shopping and I take you straight to bed 😂

That didn’t happen. 

Sale sale sale. They worked out to be $12.33 each. 

These were cheaper but they only had 2 in his size.

I can tick undies off the list. Bought undies for the girls too. A pack of three was down to $23 roughly. 

Found a pair of shorts for my youngest in Target for $15

Can’t get my head around it. The skirt on the right retailed for $15 after discounts which means it’s cheaper than a pair of undies. What the? 😂 The other was $20. These were at the outlet. 

I also bought one of their full priced item which was $80 with 30% off so I only paid $56.

Wasn’t impressed when I saw a similar one in Harris Scarfe for $40. No navy though just black. 

Went to Kathmandu and bought a merino skirt. It was $130 less 20% less $20 voucher so I paid $80-90 for it. 

This all happened before lunch. After lunch I bought some scotch fillet steaks for tomorrow. Gave them to hubby so he could take them home.

Then I went on to Westfield to buy my tops. Found 3 in Myer with 25% off. 

Couldn’t find Jag anywhere so went into David Jones to ask. Nope no more concept store within the centre. They only do online now.

Okie you’re not seeing double . I have a habit of if I like a style I buy them in different colours. Saves my legs and time 😂

The two top ones are from Levi’s and the grey one from Jag

Loved the dresses. They are from Witchery and so very comfy. The fabric was cool to touch. So Miss V bought two again. They had a grey one as well but it looked funny on. 

This was down to $80 from $170. Nice and warm for Winter from Trenery. One that you’d just snuggle in. It’s my one and only impulse buy. Walked by a discount rack looking for t-shirts. 

Ended up with 4 skirts, 3 tops, 2 dresses and the jumper.

I think I’m set for Summer. No more clothes buying for me for awhile 😂

I don’t buy clothes all the time. When I do I make sure they are good quality clothes that would last me years and years if not decades 😂