For granted.

I’ve always taken my sight for granted. I’m short sighted in one and long sighted in the other. The optometrist told me years ago I’m lucky as when I grow older my sight will still be good 😂

Anyhow I’m supposed to wear glasses but I don’t as they give me headaches. So I do without them. Only wear them at night whilst I’m driving as can’t see as well at night. Or if I’m taking photos. 

I took a client out yesterday and it was an eye opener. They can’t see and yet they did very well. 

We went to Costco for the afternoon. Wandering through I was like a portable pair of eyes telling them what I see. 

They had a go on the massage chair. They asked me if it was leather or not. How much it costed. Then just like me they told me what it was like. I can feel it doing my back ohhh now it’s gone to my legs.

Then we got to the bakery section so I described what was there. The toppings and fillings to the danishes. How big they were and how much they costed. Then I took their hand to feel the packet size. 

The same went on at the chocolate aisle. I was reading out how big the packet was. Where they were made. The brand of the chocolate and if they were dark or white. If they had nuts in them. Their best before date. I was pretty much their eyes. 

We ended up in the cafe for them to have lunch. I had to read out the menu and how much. When it came to ordering I stepped aside. Since it was running late I took them to the table to sit and I ran around collecting their order and napkins etc. 

Once they’ve finished I offered to buy them their ice cream for them. Once I settled them with the ice cream I went to the loo.

Came back to find they’ve popped a napkin around their neck and happily having a conversation with the guy on the next table. 

One thing I’ve noticed with my clients is that they are great at making new friends. They’d pretty much talk to anyone they meet. May be it’s a good thing. When you can’t see you’re less bias or discriminatory. 

Another thing is they are human, individuals without their sight. 

Thus as a companion I’m pretty much their sight. That’s all. Nothing more nothing less. I don’t tell them which chocolate to buy or which item on the menu to eat . It’s up to them.

I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together. Despite not having their vision they were pretty easy to take out. They can move quite quick and as long as I watch out for poles and potholes we made it back safely. 

The motorists tend to stop for us when we cross the road. The tram drivers slow down to give us more time when they see us trying to board or alight, as long as we use the front door.

Received a message from a colleague last night. I’ve been invited to the retirement of an old colleague. Told them I’ll be there and asked her to put money in for me for a gift. Will pay her when I get down there on the night.

Hubby went to a board meeting last night. He wants to nominate me for a position. He’s trying to get out of it. I don’t mind as it’s to do with volunteering etc plus it will look good on my CV if I ever apply for a job 😂 

It just means I’ll be busier with life. Like one of our volunteer said where did I find the time to go to work? 😂