Of those days.

This morning I thought I’d be prepared and ring up my client to tell them I’ve found a volunteer for them. Hmmm. It turned out the booking form had the wrong date on it😩 So it meant back to square 1.

Had a craving for boat noodle so off I went to Richmond. 

Imagine my surprise when a plate of rice came out 😩 don’t think they were very happy with me.

Then there was no tram so I walked down to Pacific House only to find no soya chicken 😩 

So I decided to walk to Victoria Gardens to go to the loo. Took me forever to get there and well whilst I was walking not 1 tram but 4 trams passed me by 😩

Then beelined to the nearest loo up one floor where Ikea was to find they were doing renovations 😩 so walked to the other set of toilets at the other end of the shopping centre. First stall I went in? No paper 😩

By time I crossed the road it’s like nearly 3pm. Was so very annoyed as walkies buddy was another block away . Told him he’d better move his butt because I wasn’t budging. Have had it.

If it wasn’t for the walk I’d miss all of this. A new public space.

The famous Vinegar girl.


On bridge waiting. By time I got there the sun has disappeared 😩

See the wattle to the left? The yellow flowers. That’s the bugger that’s causing all of our miseries in Spring. 

Yarra river

And a vineyard 

How cute is this? Didn’t know it existed. 

We didn’t walk very far. Walkies turned out to be a fiddlies session 😩 

One good thing he gave me a lift back to where I needed to be to buy my soya chicken. I got a ride in his nice and new Audi. 

By the time I got home spent the afternoon sorting out my youngest’s wardrobe. One good thing she only needs Summer PJs. She’s plenty of tops and shorts for Summer. 

In the end we had soya chicken noodle soup with egg noodles since Miss V was that buggered. 

Another good thing caught my dad just in time so sent him home with my youngest outgrown clothes. 

My parents’ house is a transfer station. Clothes that are too small goes there to be distributed to younger cousins. 

Will text my sister to go to my parents and grab them for her girls.