A blog friend messaged me last month asking where I lived. I told him Melbourne. Yesterday I saw him posted a photo of a Melbourne tram. So I offered my mobile number and wrote I’m happy to be your guide.

He rang me yesterday we got talking and today I was the designated driver. It’s funny because he didn’t want to ask me as we weren’t that close. Anyhow it was meant to be since his driver had to entertain another group of friends. 

He’s like a kid. It’s funny watching him and his wife. She’s the same age as me and I think he enjoys teasing her. Every time he flirted she got upset. Then his friend had to come in and put out the fire . It’s hilarious. His friend is old but cute. 

First stop was Healesville Sanctuary. I haven’t been there for yonks.

Then we went to the wineries to have a look around. 

Photographer got caught 😂 That’s him there 😂
Then Yering Station

Lunch. I had lamb. 

Our views for lunch. 

Loved the architecture 

The different sculptures

My favourite . Mother and child.