My parking bill came to $15. I thought bugger. So popped the groceries in my Eski and walked back to information to hand in my receipts.

Over here Westfield give you free parking if you spent over $400 in one day. Since I was Christmas shopping I spent heaps more than $400.

Saved $15 😂

Feeding my boobs 😂 and my belly 😂 There goes my 12,009 steps 😩 hopped on the scales this morning and I weighed in at 53kg (116-117lbs) . My BMI is 22 😩 I want it down to 20 😩 not sure how.

Last two days have been eating meals no snacks well except for the ice cream today. No soft drinks, no juices, no soya milk. I only have a coffee a day with 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Here is hoping my weight goes down with me walking every day and eating less. Walkies buddy love my boobs. He told me he hates skinny girls 😩

I sneaked out for a meet today. Another dud. Three duds in a row I think I’ve had it lol.

One good thing managed to buy about a third of the pressies.

The seniors, hand cream, shea butter and lip balm.

The juniors, Westfield gift cards (boys ) Mecca gift card (girl)

Pharmacists (3) ummm still thinking.

Hubby, cufflinks , phone case and travelling towels.

Son, speaker and bag

Oldest iPhone charging cable, still thinking what to get her.

Youngest- no idea either

Tomorrow it’s raining so I might go to Dan Murphy’s to get the grog. Then on Friday might go into the city I’ve got a volunteering shift I might stand by for.

Plus I’ve made up my mind. No mirrorless for me. I’m a Canon girl after all . Thinking of buying the Canon 200D or Rebel SL2 as it’s called in the US. I had a hold today and it felt pretty light. Since it takes any lens I can just use my existing lens on it. Saves some money.