Not. Found our left over travel money from our trips overseas. They are not much $20 here and there but enough to exchange into thousands of Viet Dong.

So I’m off early to go to the money exchange people and see how much I can get for them. It’s going to go into a passport holder for the 21st tomorrow.

I’ve got a volunteering shift today then more Christmas shopping. I might go to buy more pastries 😊

Have sent my friends my birthday pressie wish.

A laptop sleeve. We only ever spend $50 maximum on each other so the two of them can pitch in as it’s pricey.

Still waiting to hear from my friend to see what she wants and when to meet.

My son have finished his exams thank goodness. Now it’s an anxious wait til 15/12/17 for results to come out . Then offers will come in for universities on 15/1/18 during the time we are away.

Thus I need to Google to see how long we have to get back to VTAC.

Have booked the airport parking for our holidays in January. They must have had a sale as I got 23 days parking for $115, pretty much half price.

Since it’s so cheap I’m driving as to catch a taxi from our place to the airport will cost around $200-250 return. So it would make no sense for me to book parking if it’s around the same price as grabbing a taxi.

I splurged yesterday and got an Olympus mirrorless. Will charge the battery when I get back and see if I can have a play on it.

Happy things are finally falling into place. Once pressies are done I can concentrate on the parties. We are having a BBQ for his family on 9/12/17 and then the staff Christmas lunch on 17/12/17 so I’m going to be stuffed cleaning the house and preparing all the food.

Then the week after will be Christmas. Where did the year go?