I think we’ve got an understanding.

Met him at the gardens again. Sat in our little hidey hole. I was sans undies 😂 In the end had to put them back on so I could sit on him.

I think we’ve got an understanding. He says he can’t believe I’m so nice and have no hang ups. I asked him what he meant by that? He replied you know money.

On way to the tram stop I texted him.

I came from a poor family. We came here by boat with only the clothes on our backs. So I guess money is money. As long as you have your health then money can be earned. Money is there to serve you not you serve it 😊

I also told him I liked him as he drove an Audi not a BMW or a Merc 😂 can’t stand the pushinerers.

My lunch. Trying to be good 😊 Eggplant stuffed with prawns and mango pudding.

I went walk about .

Street art

Cool little old station.

Christmas decorations are up.