Trying to get my volunteering stuff done only to find he’s disconnected my dongle.

His reasoning oh it wasn’t being used. Yes it was. He didn’t bother to ask me. So the result of that was I can’t get any volunteering done this morning .

The stupid NBN (National Broadband Network) wifi doesn’t work. I can’t open any windows 😩

Gave up told him to go ring them up and reconnect it for me. To change contract for our son who’s off contract . Told him weeks ago . He hasn’t done it and yet he had time to go cancel my dongle.

This morning after coffee I’m going to go get one under my name. That way this is not going to happen ever again.

We need a spare one anyway as we have no internet down at the hidey hole.

I haven’t gotten around to connect the NBN. Not that it matters as the NBN sucks.