The last few days I’ve been running around like a headless chook.

Got heaps done. Christmas is sorted.

Went to Chaddie yesterday to buy my very last Christmas pressie.

Tried a new place for lunch. $15 . Handmade pasta with carbonara $13 and $2 extra for the mushroom. It’s expensive.

Last night dinner Charsiu again. This time it was marinated for two days and shoved in the oven at 200C in a steam bath for an hour and a half then grilled. I ummmm dozed off and well left the oven on.

Hubby took me to lunch today. Beef ramen.

Spent $1.50 to fix up my phone charger. A bit of electrical tape and it’s fixed.

I went to get my eye tested today. If I choose two pairs, each $199 then it’s free. The insurance covered $318. In the end I was $80 out of pocket as chose a $199 and a $299 pair. My eyes are 2.5 (R) and 1.0 (L) They went up 1 stop in 2.5 years.

I only wear them when I drive at night or at seminars or to take photos. I prefer my blurry world. It’s not as in your face šŸ˜‚