Tomorrow I’ve got to be in Geelong by 2pm for an Owners Corp meeting. Then a Christmas do in Melbourne at 6-630pm.

It usually takes an hour to Geelong from Melbourne on the Vline give or take a few minutes.

I was going to drive but just thinking of the long drive there and then driving back in peak traffic which can be two hours or more and then having to navigate the city on a Friday evening to find a car park is just beyond me.

So I thought well I’ll just hop on the train to Southern Cross. That will take about 20-25 minutes then hop on the Vline and spend the day down there.

Looks like my plans are going haywire.

1/ a storm is coming

2/ trains are being replaced by buses for part of trip.

It means my trip is looking like it’s going to be way longer. Bugger it.

So my next bet was the trams. They are still running 😂 I’m not too worried about getting there. It’s getting back home that’s a worry.

I have four options.

Catch tram to Camberwell Station.

Go park my car at Camberwell Station so on my way back I can have a speedie get away. Car park only have 75 spaces. Hmmm.

Get hubby to come pick me up.

Get off at Camberwell and catch train back home (15 minutes wait for train)

Or another alternative is to

Catch a different route tram to near home and get hubby to pick me up.

The last option sounds much better. It’s just the next big intersection down from us.

Problem solved. Fingers crossed the deluge isn’t going to hit us til Saturday or Sunday.