The storm fizzled out.

I already missed my train so I took my time. On my way to the station. I had to rely on my blue dot. As I went the back way.

Public space.

Behind the blue screen is Johnstone Park. It got flooded the previous year thus they are doing works to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Supposed to be done by November. From look of things there’s still heaps to be done. It’s a big mess.

Platform 3 is a wall 😂

From the overpass.

I crossed it to get to platform 3 only to realise I haven’t touched on my Myki so had to walk across to touch on.

Views on way back to Melbourne. You can see the light inside the carriage.

More views approaching Southern Cross Station.

I first noticed the Christmas decoration then the police cars.

Passed by police in riot gear and then the horses.

It gave me a feeling of unease as have never seen so many police around before in all my 37 years of living here.

Their cars lined Swanston St from Flinders all the way down to Bourke. If they wanted to show intimidation to the trouble makers they sure did.

I was scared as didn’t know what was going on. I googled and nothing came up.

Way back from the Christmas party. I left with another volunteer to walk to the tram stop.