He’s trying to pick a fight. I asked him last week to drive our daughter to school today to drop off her old uniform for the secondhand shop. He was fine with it.

This morning he was like and you can’t take her? He knew I went last week and did three rounds of the school to find parking and they wouldn’t accept. The shop only open on Tuesday and only at before school, lunchtime and after school.

Our youngest has got music practice this afternoon thus she’s got to lug her violin to school as well that’s why . Or else I would have sent it with her by train.

He also know I can’t manoeuvre the car that good in traffic. I take my time turning right or changing lanes when it’s busy busy which means I can’t zip in and out as fast as he can.

Grumpy old fart. On days like today I wonder why we are married ? He’s ordered debit cards and my name is wrong on the card which means a trip to the bank to get it sorted out. That’s another trip uncalled for.

I’m running low on funds which means I have to rely on him for money. I hate it. Hate it as everything is under his name. It’s under mine too but it feels like I don’t count.

Today I’m going to try to access our joint account to pay the window guy our deposit.


The award night last night. We got front row seats for being naughty parents. My youngest on her violin, third from the left.