My son is a mini me. I feel sorry for him because he’s got not only my looks but my personality as well. He’s like a male version of me.

Yesterday he asked me if I needed help assembling his sister’s storage unit. He was the only one out of the three that offered.

*photo from the internet

After dinner I asked hubby to help me with the last drawer. He got out his power tool and wrecked the drawer. Told him forget it I’ll finish up.

My son saw me struggling and offered again. It’s okie mum . Wait and I’ll give you a hand.

Last night in bed I started thinking. No. I’m not going to be one of those mums that take advantage of their son. The ones that use their son as their substitute husband.

Calling on them at odd hours to fix stuff and whatever else when they have their own family to look after.

Out of the three kids he’s the kindest of all three. He offers and means it . Where as the oldest offer just to offer. The youngest help me if I ask but doesn’t offer.

Feeling a bit blue today. Got all emotional last night. Feels like my PMS is getting worse with age. Might be a sign that my menopause is coming. Am I looking forward to it? Nope.

Let see: hair falls out, bad skin, dry vagina, hot flushes, tyres for a body shape 😩

Only thing I’m looking forward to is no more period which means sex any time lol

My dad is coming over at 10:30-11:00 to pick me up to go to Springvale. I was going to go pick him up to save him driving.

Still need to go to the bank to take some money out. Forgot to yesterday. Springvale traders only take cash.

Today I’ve got to ring up to book my girl in for an eye test. She’s broken her glasses and haven’t had a chance to go for an eye test to get new ones.

One good thing, the oldest announced last night that her boyfriend is coming over to help her cook dinner or rather it’s the other way around.

It sounds like he’s a keeper. He’s a neat freak, can cook and bake. My kind of future son in law.