You know when you’re in too deep and yet you cannot get out or unwilling to get out.

Funny how you develop feelings for someone that you’ve only met a few times.

Funny how you think he’s it. What you’re looking for.

Funny how you swore black and blue you’d never let it happen again.

Funny how you’d put your armour on. You’d made doubly sure you’re protected.

Guess what? Your heart is just as exposed as that fragile flower waiting for the bee to suck its nectar.

Crap crap crap.

I’ve fallen yet again. Let see last time I did that was with jungle boy.

The time before that was with my nude beach buddy. I even asked hubby for a divorce to be with him.

And the time before beach buddy? I’d fallen for my gentle giant.

The list doesn’t end there.

The men I have fallen in love with ? I can count on my one hand. Not many from the many that I’ve had. Now that was a lie. May be two hands.

Every few years I’d fall. The more I think I can play the game the more complacent I become.

With complacency comes heart break.

Last time I barely got back up. I was never going to fall again for fear of not being able to get up ever.