Of my mind. It must have been the owner that processed my refund with a CC to her husband. She did ask me to let her know if I need further assistance. So I aired my discontentment.

Hi S,

Thank you. Very disappointed with your online ordering.

1/ the invoice was splitted into two.

2/ no one notified me of the second invoice that the item was TOS.

3/ rang up a week later thinking it was TOS. They assured me stock was coming and to expect it end of week or early the week later.

4/ rang again when it didn’t come and asked them. They assured me stock was still coming . I asked for a note to be put into the computer if there’s no stock please notify me.

5/ no notification, rang again yesterday to be transferred to store where I was told the warehouse has closed and won’t open until after Christmas. Thus I’ve asked for a refund.

We are going away early 01/18 and I cannot risk the items not reaching us by then with the break looming.

I tried to support your business seeing your business is local. I am very disappointed and will not use the website or buy from you again. Please find ways of improving your customer service.

After asking for a refund I’ve since ordered from another Melbourne mob and they are in the process of sending it to me. It will arrive early next week. I have already received the tracking notice. They were cheaper and had wonderful customer service on the phone.



Here is hoping they improve on their customer service . On a happy note my order from the other mob is arriving today.

My windows are arriving on Wednesday.

I don’t mind spending for good customer service. Things get done on time so I can move on to the next project.

Now to go clean those windows for the installation on Wednesday. After I shower. After I go into work.