I can get used to this. Waking up in the morning. Walkies to grab breakkie. Going out for the day and eating lunch wherever. Groceries if we wanted to cook dinner and home to nap.

All I’ve achieved today was tidying up my trimmings yesterday. Hubby didn’t want to go to the tip.

Tomorrow I’ll ring up the rubbish runners to see if they will collect in the New Year. If they do then will ask them to collect early January.

That way we can chop down our three trees on Sunday and ask for a quote. It involves me taking a photo of the pile and he quotes from the photo.

They are a family business and very prompt. The quote is more for me to withdraw money to pay them.

He usually tells me which day and I just leave the money out for him at a designated place.

After he finishes he takes a photo and send it back to me. Last time he didn’t but when I came down it’s all cleared. I’ve used him a few times and know he’s reliable.

The sunset over the river last night. I was a tad too slow.