I was two minds about what I wanted and what I needed.

He made me feel like a princess by booking the room. Is that what I wanted to feel like?

He was also gentle . He kissed okie. We took it slowly. He fitted inside of me.

Is that what I needed? A considerate lover?

He’s not my ideal. I wanted someone like Jungle Boy. Someone like Jim. Someone like my Giant.

Someone big built. Someone tall. Someone with big hands. Someone with tattoos.

Yet for someone not my ideal he’s certainly growing on me.

He’s got plenty of stamina. We get on famously since we are of the same age and same star sign.

He works in the city and has the freedom of flexible working hours. Not only that he doesn’t mind spending the money.

I’m not one to care where we do it but it’s nice to do it in a bed instead of in a cramped car, or in the park or at the beach.

I’m still pining for Mr Repressed. Part of me feels raw and rejected. Part of me is thinking to hell with him. How has he gotten under my skin? Just like that?