8:44am hubby was like B is supposed to work today? He’s not up?

I told hubby he knew he was supposed to work and I was thinking no way am I going to get up to remind him.

8:54am I heard someone walking by. It must have been him. It also means he hasn’t had breakfast either.

Our business opens 9am-6pm. He’s in for a long day. All of our kids are expected to work at the business.

The youngest does deliveries. The two older ones shop duties.

We are hoping to instil responsibility into our kids . To show them to have money means hard work.

That’s why our son is working today. It will give him a wage working two days a week. For the last year he got $50 spending money a week without lifting a finger apart from house chores since he was studying.

He will be working two days a week til uni starts and then after that he’d need to shuffle his timetable to still be able to work while studying.

We do not want to raise lazy buggers to add to society’s burden.

Our son is one of those that only does enough. He would have been happy on $50 handout a week without trying to find a job to supplement his income.

Out of all of our kids I worry most about him. He hasn’t got the drive like our girls who are go getters.

Here is hoping he marries a cougar. Someone that will boss him around and have enough money to house him 😩