My alarm is set at 7am each day. I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep. Hubby woke me up the other day to have his way with me at 1:30am 😩

I’m up early today to go to Westfield. Didn’t get to go yesterday . After driving many rounds around their car parks I gave up. No car space in sight. I’m suck at sitting there stalking shoppers for a car space.

Today I’m driving there early to just sneak in and out. One good thing about living so close is I can be in Westfield in 8 minutes.

Yesterday the girls steam cleaned and wiped down our luggages. Guess I’ll need to bring all 5 anyway. They are only medium size cases.

On closer inspection found my carry on wheels had broken off.

No wonder I had so much trouble wheeling it on my last trip to Sydney.

That’s my goal for today. Buy another anti-theft bag and a carry on.

I also need to buy a few T-shirts for my boy. Either that or he can wear his dad’s.

I also need to go to Kathmandu to exchange a pair of shorts and shirt for hubby. Both too big for him. I bought them yesterday at Brand Smart, an outlet when I couldn’t get into Westfield.

$35 for this shirt down from $120. I love Kathmandu stuff. They are well made and their staff awesome. Never a grumpy face. I only buy them when on sale as they are very expensive.

After the shopping is done I’ll have to get my stuff together for tonight. We are off to his brother’s for dinner then will drive down to hidey hole for an overnight.

Was hoping to go down there and come back New Year’s Day. No can do now since his family has invited us to three dinners for the next three nights to welcome his brother from Viet Nam here for holidays

We’ll have to drive back tomorrow night for dinner, picking up the kids on the way through from the station near their place.

Guess I can’t celebrate New Year nude now 😂 not in front of my in laws 😂

Hubby didn’t want to go down to the hidey hole now that it’s only overnight but I have already booked the rubbish runners so we need to. Just to get our trees chopped and leave money for the guys to get rid of them.

The trees were planted by the last owner and well I love trees but not when it’s planted all over the place and too hard to upkeep.

I’ve been forever trimming them to park our car under.

They had no idea what they were planting. I think it’s a case of okie we’ve got this bit of common grounds that we need to fill out and off they went.